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I just finally bought my new camera so I took my friend for some kind of session :)
Black, white and blue are my favorite colors so a lot of clothes in this colors deal my closet, I love my jeans shirt with black leather collar, it fits for almost everything. I also love every jeans thing, jacket, sleeveless, bag  -it's something which always would be fashionable. As I wrote before I'm in love with photography, I'm starting with new equipment so I'm gonna share here few photos which we made :) Enjoy :)

I'd like to thanks my amazing best friend Bartek <3

Shirt - SinSay
shorts - NewYorker
necklace - NewYorker


Jeans sleeveless

Sunny 2nd day of August, days are starting to be shorter but we also starting another vacation month.
I rarely wear those pants, didn't cover their potencial before so I thought why not, before I pulled their out of the closet I knew I won't resist my bright jeans sleeveless, black, wide t-shirt melts with pants and my jeans sleeveless is just conspicuous, and what fit the most to black? Nothing else than gold, that's why I took my gold chain and a little bag with some gold elements, I set on comfortable shoes which checks in weather like this :) Enjoy.

top - NewYorker
jeans sleeveless - old property my mom
pants - local shop
chain - H&M