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PP sunny day.

Why PP? Because it is a peach-pink (I'm not pretty sure how  I should call this colour)
It was looong ago. I mean my post. It's because I still have not repair my laptop and also I had a bad time in my life. Time of changes. Time to  figure out what should stay and what should fade away. Time to make new plans. Time to realize what I want to do and do it better. 
I made those photos ealier but I had no possibilities to add a new post.
So, the weather still does not love us. It's cold and rainy, sometimes I'm wondering do I need shorts or skirts because I do not wear them. But finally! Vacation! I hope your vacation are amazing and you spend a really great time :) 
A few words about my outfit.
I love blue color but not when we talk about clothes.
I prefer to wear black so I link black with everything.
I wore peach-pink sweater and white shirt what makes my outfit less dismal and I had to wear my new shoes (gift) in almost the same colour. 
It is:
Not that ordinary.
I hope you like it :) enjoy! ♥
Thanks to Pobiedziska for being so hearty.
Has anybody watched ,Friends with Benefits,?
Great song :

Haha LOL. Thug life :P

Shirt & peach sweater - NewYorker
Necklace & bracelet - SinSay
Sunglasses - brylove.pl
Leggins - local shop