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white, black & gold

Hi everybody! Today I`d like to show you my ,school, outfit. 
I know my last post was from the beggining of April but I broke my laptop and I couldn`t add anything new. 
The end of school is coming so it`s time to do everything to make our marks better. It`s a very stressful time, and for me it`s time of a big changes. I try to focus on school but thoughts about travelling, having a lot of free time and doing cool things distracts me. I`m only count the days, can`t wait to finish the class and start a new life on my own. The weather is also amazing, I love to walk with my boyfriend, or explore  new places on a bike, God it`s annoying, I`d like to leave everything behind and go somewhere far away.

Shirt - newyorker
Blouse - newyorker
Leggins - gift grom aunt
Backpack - Sinsay